Dr. Joe Jackman
Doc's History

Dr. Joseph Jackman, a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine and Artist, began creating masterpieces from found objects, then black coral and caymanite as a hobby back in the early fifties. Over the years this mainly self-taught enthusiast, grew his hobby from a home-based business to a 2-store retail operation in George Town, the capital of the Cayman Islands.

Once retired from his Veterinary duties, Doc, as he is affectionately known on the Island of Grand Cayman, along with his wife Marva, decided to try their hand at owning and operating a full-scale jewelry retail and repair operation in the Capital.

Their primary trading product at the time was in the setting and retailing of numismatic coins, hence the name of their operation "Coins plus". In fact, the sale of coins and coin based jewelry grew in such popularity among the local Caymanian people and visitors to the Islands during the period 1985 -1997, that it was jokingly said to be an embarrassment for anyone to be seen on the Island's famous Seven Mile Beach without having one strung around his or her neck. Even today, ask any local where they got their coin and they'll most likely reply "at Doc's."

As with every trend, the downside of a peak must be anticipated and once the Jackman's recognized the competition of local coin suppliers, a decision was made to change course with their business. Doc decided to concentrate on design and manufacturing, and chose to close the retail operations in favour of spending more time at the work bench, creating designs which were unique, and admired by his many clients around the world.

Today, although you will not find his masterpieces under one showroom, you can still purchase his unique, handmade creations through many of the Islands' top jewelry showrooms or directly through this website. Please have a peek at a small sample of some of these lovely creations. Let us know if you've been unable to find something specific through this website. Chances are that with Doc's creative mind he can custom create your idea.